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As of recently, gypsum has been increasingly attracting more attention as one of the most sustainable building and construction product (mineral binder). To that extent, the development of gypsum products is intertwined with our vision to support the new wave of clean, durable construction materials; and, to enable sustainable expansion projects primarily in Egypt.

Throughout the different stages of the life cycle of gypsum products, the processes and the means by which the end product is manufactured, distributed, and used, show patterns of better environmental consciousness. For example, gypsum can be manufactured with lowered emissions and can be packaged using eco-friendly materials. To that end, Al Alamia strives to achieve more goals for gypsum and gypsum-derived products through research done to improve characteristics such as: promoting indoor air quality, sound insulation efficiency, impact resistance, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and extending the lifetime of buildings and structures. As a result, improving the overall sustainability of the built environment.

We believe that the future holds more for us. We look forward to developing premium quality gypsum boards as well as finding solutions for technical challenges, and expanding our products to meet the needs of future markets.

Our goals are achievable through verification of our product performances as conducted with the Chemistry Administration of the National Research Centre (NRC) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. For our Goharet Sinai gypsum, we have managed to achieve one of the highest compressive strength values in the Egyptian market as tested and verified with the aforementioned organizations. In addition, we successfully optimized the temperature, insulation, and adhesion properties of our Hammer gypsum.

Furthermore, the future holds opportunities for establishing new technologies and innovation-led processes. Said technologies and processes pave the way for creating lighter yet stronger and more durable materials and, combining safety parameters with aesthetical values (such as color variations currently tested at our facility), all while remaining aware of the nature of local craftsmanship and the workability of our products.

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