Product Overview

The Bronze Goharet Sinai is a white gypsum plaster. The fast-drying nature of the Bronze Goharet Sinai allows for a faster output of elements as the setting time is shortened to accommodate jobs which require a faster pace of production. The Bronze Goharet Sinai has great workability and ease of application, reduced shrinkage or cracking, and allows for a reduced time of construction with a polished, superior finish.

Typical Applications

The Bronze Goharet Sinai is commonly used for the creation of decorative architectural elements through casting in setting moulds. Gypsum elements can then be mounted using a plaster mixture where needed (on ceilings, walls, entrances, etc) for the desired outcome. It is also ideal for usage in the antiquities industry for the creation of statues, art, and related forms. Fast application is recommended given the short working time.

Setting Time

The fast-drying setting times for the Bronze Goharet Sinai are as follows:

– Initial Setting time: 5 to 8 min

– Final setting time: 9 to 15 min